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   Handicapping Service > ForbrichHandicapping Services - Rankings
 Service   UNITS   ROI   Last10    Picks    W%  
 Forbrich   1.71   103%   89%   116%   230%   102%   100%   100%   3.13   58   53 
 -3.38   3.75   1.30   0.04   0.00   0.00  Using my picks You can count on minimum 50 units profit every month and yield over 10%. All my picks are with the lowest price $1. More my picks You can find at 
  Sport   League   Picks  2014-04-23 14:47 GMT-Time 
 NBA    Basketball  Total(195.5)   Score  2012-01-12 00:35  
 Home Team New York Knicks 2.03 Over 85-79 Won
 Away Team Philadelphia 76ers 1.87 Under
 Eng. Premier    Soccer  Total(2.5)   Score  2012-01-11 19:45  
 Home Team Tottenham Hotspur 1.99 Over 2-0 Won
 Away Team Everton 1.91 Under
 France L Cup    Soccer  Spread   Score  2012-01-11 17:44  
 Home Team Le Mans 1.95 () 0-1 Won
 Away Team Lorient 1.95 ()
 NBA    Basketball  Total(197.5)   Score  2012-01-11 00:05  
 Home Team Philadelphia 76ers 1.88 Over 112-85 Won
 Away Team Sacramento Kings 2.02 Under
 Spain Cup    Soccer  Total(2.25)   Score  2012-01-10 19:59  
 Home Team Racing Santander 1.99 Over 1-1 Won
 Away Team Mirandes 1.91 Under
 France L Cup    Soccer  Spread   Score  2012-01-10 19:44  
 Home Team Caen 1.92 (0.5) 0-3 Won
 Away Team Marseille 1.98 (-0.5)
 Club Friendl    Soccer  Total(3.25)   Score  2012-01-09 17:29  
 Home Team FC Twente Enschede (n) 1.82 Over 0-0 Lost
 Away Team Lausanne Sports 2.04 Under
 Eng. FA Cup    Soccer  Spread   Score  2012-01-08 15:29  
 Home Team Peterborough United 1.98 (0.5) 0-2 Won
 Away Team Sunderland 1.94 (-0.5)
 France Cup    Soccer  Moneyline 1-X-2   Score  2012-01-08 13:59  
 Home Team Metz 2.64 1 0-0 Lost
    3.1 X
 Away Team Evian Thonon Gaillard 3.05 2
 Eng. FA Cup    Soccer  Total(2.5)   Score  2012-01-08 12:59  
 Home Team Manchester City 1.92 Over 2-3 Lost
 Away Team Manchester United 1.98 Under

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